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Hello & Welcome, 

Nearly 10 years ago, my own heavy experiences left me searching desperately for light; the kind of light that would allow me to reconnect with my passions; reintroduce me to myself; that would make my figurative backpack filled with all my life's weight feel less heavy; the kind of light that heals from the inside out.


It was through the recommendation of a yoga and meditation practice, and bringing my pen back to a blank page, that I found my own light of being. With this new, deeper connection to my light within, and the abundance it created, I journeyed out of the darkness and onto a much brighter path. 

Welcome to Once Upon A Yoga Mat. 

I've used writing as a source of therapeutic expression for as long as I can remember.  Diary writing as a little girl then grew into a love for poetry, eventually longer form story telling took shape, screenplay and stageplay writing become my passion in my undergraduate program where I earned a BFA in Creative Communications and then focused my graduate work on an MA in Journalism, both from the New York Institute of Technology.

I wrote as a freelancer for over a decade, contributing to local arts, entertainment and lifestyle magazines, eventually finding a home at the Edible publications covering culinary arts on Long Island's East End for many years.  


I've taken my passion for writing to the classroom for the last 10 years as an Adjunct Professor of Journalism and Communications at Suffolk County Community College, where I've been fortunate to share in the collegiate development of many talented writers and watch as they spark their own lights within through following their creative passions. 

All the while, yoga, mindfulness, meditation and my personal writing remained my own tangible source of internal light. My beautiful children, my healthier relationship with self, and my personal relationships all benefited from the source of light that I cultivated within. 

This light of being; it was working, and I wanted more. 

In 2019 I completed my RYTT 200 Hour program, where I quickly fell in love with the gentle, calm and deeply connected form of Restorative Yoga.  Pairing my own tool box of inner light igniters, I blended Restorative practice with guided meditation and journaling to create a Therapeutic Mindfulness Program that I like to call Once Upon a Yoga Mat.  Having just completed my Reiki Level 1 Certification, I am super excited to combine energy and chakra work into my practice and our sessions.  

Whether through private sessions, small class gatherings or large group workshops, the services offered intend to serve as an addition to and/or supplement of traditional therapy, allowing each individual to see their yoga mat, journal pages, and energetic selves as a starting point to cultivating a less heavy story and a bright, lighter being. 


I thank you for visiting this page, and taking the time to read along through my journey. 

And ultimately, I welcome you to begin yours …


With love & light, 






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